Study in Sweden
Sweden is noted for its lively environment. The universities in Sweden engage the students in reflective thinking. With its multi-cultural society, Sweden is a refreshing option to study.
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Sweden for Foreign Students

Sweden is well known for sustainable development and is one of the most innovative nations. Sweden is a very beautiful place to live in. Students can spend their free time in the attractive beaches of Sweden.
Why Choose Sweden ?

The chances of getting an internship while studying is high which allows the student to acquire further knowledge. The distinctive feature of Sweden is that there is no legal limit of the working hours of the students during the course of the study.
Universities & Courses

High Ranked Universities

  1. Uppsala University
  2. University of Skovde
  3. Halmstad University
  4. Jonkoping University
  5. Dalarna University

Popular Courses

  1. Masters in Engineering Management
  2. Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Masters in Entrepreneurship
  4. Masters in Supply Chain Management
  5. Masters in Renewable Energy
Cost of Education in Sweden

The tuition fee in Sweden ranges from 8,000 Euro to 13,000 Euro per year. The living expenses range from 850 Euro to 970 Euro per month.