Study in Vietnam
The economic growth in Vietnam is making it stand out among the South Asian countries. Many specialised programs are provided in Vietnam and is also taught in English. The friendly natives and the beauty of the country is a plus for students.
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Vietnam for Foreign Students

Vietnam is a cheap destination for studying, travelling, and living as compared to most otherAsian countries.Many Institutionsprovide internships to students as part of their program allowing them to earn throughinternships and continue with their studies in Vietnam.
Why Choose Vietnam ?

The universities in Vietnam ensures that the student has a bright career. The specialised courses that are offered paves the way for the betterment of the students. The cost efficient nature and the exclusive lifestyle pull many students there.
Universities & Courses

High Ranked Universities

  1. FPT Education Global
  2. University of Greenwich (Vietnam)
  3. Swinburne University of Technology (Vietnam)

Popular Courses

  1. Business Administration
  2. Computing
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Information and Communication Technology
Qualifying Exams & Coaching

Cost of Education in Vietnam

Tuition fees for the international students is betweenUSD 12,000 to USD 21,000 per year for bachelor’s and minimum USD 10,000 for Masters.The living expenses vary between USD 700 to USD 1,400 per month.